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a new way of looking at pasta

Original, innovative and tasty. The idea for the imbutini came about in Flavia Valentini's kitchen. One day she decided to try out an oddly shaped pasta cutter she’d found at a market: she was told it was for making orecchiette, but it proved to be ineffective for that purpose. So Flavia decided to use it differently, and in doing so created a whole new pasta shape.



imbutino means advantages!

  • The funnel shape picks up the sauce like no other pasta.
  • It’s the only maccherone made with egg on the market.
  • It leaves no sauce residues on the plate.
  • Ideal with fish sauces, which usually drain through onto the plate surface.
  • While the dough is fairly thick, it cooks quickly (about 4 minutes).
  • The ‘witch’s hat’ shape intrigues young and old alike!


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