Semolina-only imbutini, with beet and cauliflower

  Luca Tommasi


  • 400 g white and red semolina imbutini
  • 200 g smoked pancetta (bacon)
  • 1 medium-size cauliflower
  • 200 ml cooking cream
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chopped parsley
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 teaspoonful of chopped Karkade (hibiscus) 30 g sultanas


Clean the cauliflower by removing the stem and outermost leaves with a knife.
Using a small knife, separate the florets from the central stem; detach them one by one, trying to get as many as possible of the same size.

Boil the cauliflower florets in salted water for about 6-7 minutes.

After draining them, mash with a fork (to get a ‘farmhouse’ result) or blend them with a mixer (to get a creamier result).

Place the cauliflower mix in a large pan and add salt, pepper, cooking cream, chopped parsley, olive oil and thicken the sauce.

Cook the imbutini and drain them al dente.

Cut the smoked pancetta into thin strips and make it crispy, adding the garlic cloves.

Soften the sultanas in a small bowl with the Karkade (hibiscus) infusion.

Add 3/4 of the cauliflower sauce, the raisins and the imbutini to the crispy smoked pancetta.
Mix everything for a few minutes. Serve the dish with strips of crispy pancetta, some cauliflower florets and the chopped Karkade.

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